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The challenge between Yates and Roglič


Five memorable moments of the 2021 Milano-Torino: the challenge between Yates and Roglič

Just before the flamme rouge, the final kilometre, of the 2021 Milano-Torino, Adam Yates and Primož Roglič are climbing almost side by side, knowing they’ll be the ones battling it out for victory.

The Briton went away first along the closing climb, and for a few thousand metres, he even cherished the dream of a solo finish. The Slovene, however, came back in a snap.

Now, the two are climbing side by side, getting ready for the final shoot-out, as in a cowboy movie. Yates knows he is all but a slow rider, but he is also aware that Roglič would be faster than him in this kind of finale. So he remains up front, and tries to push the pace up, hoping his opponent ends up with wet gunpowder.

As for him, Roglič is content to stay on his wheel. He has just tested his legs, and found they were as strong as usual, jumping across to Yates in as little as three pedal strokes. He’ll give his all along the final ramp that leads to the Basilica of Superga – 600 metres that really sting the legs. Inevitably, the Briton will have to try to launch an early sprint, in an (unlikely) attempt to catch the Slovene by surprise. Roglič, on the other hand, may take the liberty to wait, and hit on the counter. This, however, is something I’ll tell you about in the next (and final) episode.

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